An interview with awards judge Tali Shlomo

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Why do you think these awards are so important? 

There are some wonderfully talented women in the insurance profession and taking the time to recognise and celebrate their achievements and successes is important. Firstly, role models provides a platform for colleagues in the profession to aspire too and recognising their goals can be achieved. Secondly, acknowledging the achievements women have made in their career and celebrating this more broadly as a market begins to change the image of the profession which has so much to offer. Lastly, It is wonderful to congratulate each and everyone of the nominees for their achievements. Shining a light on the diverse and rich talent is Inspirational and motivational as we attract and retain our diverse talent.

How important is introducing greater gender diversity to the ongoing relevance and success of the insurance market?

There are numerous reasons why it is vital, ranging from the business case, the moral case, the regulatory case and the consumers which we serve.

Culture, diversity and inclusion is now on the regulatory and corporate code of governance agenda whilst managing risk during the pandemic has amplified the powerful impact of when we have a voice and can co-create solutions.

Insurance touches people irrespective of where you are, what you do, what your ethnicity is, what your age is and so forth, and therefore it is vital the talent in the profession reflects and represents the community and society which we serve. To remain relevant and accessible to our consumers we must truly create a market which is diverse and inclusive. An inclusive culture where you can bring your best self and have the same opportunities as your counterparts is critical if we are to reflect the community which we serve. Developing new dynamic products fit for the future can only be truly achieved when we break down the group think.

How do you think the pandemic has changed the gender balance in the insurance industry?

The pandemic has shone a light on the need for equity and breaking down the stigma of gender stereotypes for example parental leave, mental wellbeing and agile working.

It has also provided an opportunity to truly bring to life the intersection of our diverse identity. The lived experience of a women who identify as BAME compared to a women who identify as a lesbian women has meant we revisit the approach of belonging and inclusion.

There is a long way to go yet shining a light and co-creating solutions to support the attraction and progression of the diverse talent in the profession is vital.

Who is/was the professional mentor in your life that you most admire? Why? 

I have been fortunate to have some wonderful mentors all of whom have been men supporting me breakthrough the glass ceiling. I have learnt so much from each of my mentors and I continue to lean into the support with some wonderful mentors who continue to share their insight, lived experience and wisdom. 

Which category interests you the most and why?

There are too many to choose just one, If I had to choose, Role model and returners.