An interview with Women in Insurance Awards winner Lynn Cufley, Crawford & Company

Back An interview with Women in Insurance Awards winner Lynn Cufley, Crawford & Company

What does it mean to win the award?

I am thrilled to have won the Marketer of the Year award. Marketing and communication is a core function at Crawford, and we have an outstanding team and full leadership support – so it is definitely a success story that spans a number of different people. Also, when you consider the calibre of people on the judging panel that adds further weight to what winning this award means.

COVID-19 has created an environment in which communication has been critical – not only to keep people informed, but also to reassure them during a period of significant uncertainty. Feeling connected at a time when everyone is working remotely is extremely important – and communication is at the core of that. So, it is an honour to be recognised for our efforts on this front during these unparalleled times.

What makes Crawford different to other companies operating within the insurance sector?

At Crawford, our purpose is to help restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities. This places us in the midst of the incident itself from the very beginning, working directly with those most affected by the loss event. Our adjusters are often the first on the scene, helping people when they are often at their lowest ebb not just in terms of handling their claim, but providing support and reassurance. Such situations really do drive home the intrinsic value of insurance and how important it is for our specialist teams to achieve a swift claims resolution in even the most complex loss situations.

How do you think the pandemic has changed the gender balance in the insurance industry?

It is perhaps too early to say how COVID-19 might influence the gender balance of the insurance industry. However, what I would say is that the adoption of remote working strategies and the introduction of greater flexibility into the working day, has enabled people with children to adapt their working hours to achieve a better work/childcare balance and by doing so potentially open-up more opportunities to move their career forward.

I would also hope that the new working environment that COVID-19 looks set to create will promote greater social mobility and generate opportunities for people wherever they are located in the UK rather than primarily in the larger cities.

What is your key message to women looking to progress or start a career in the insurance industry?

I would say to any woman looking to enter the loss adjusting sector to be yourself and also believe in yourself. The opportunities are there, but you need to believe that you can grab them. So, take the plunge and be bold – this is a great sector to work in, so reach out and open the doors that are there for you.

What one personal achievement in the last 12 months are you most proud of?

During the last 12 months, Crawford has had to pivot quickly to adapt to the multiple changes brought about by COVID-19. I am incredibly proud of my work communicating with both clients and employees throughout this period. Communication has been vital with 100% of UK employees transitioning to a totally new home-working environment.

Ironically, working from home has in a number of ways brought us closer together as a company. Communicating the company’s messages, both internally and externally, and ensuring employees feel connected and supported has been incredibly important – particularly at a time when their mental and physical wellbeing is being tested by the pandemic. We have created new channels that allow people to share their stories and achievements which has been incredibly motivating. We have also developed a week long virtual event with keynote speakers such as Ollie Ollerton (SAS Who Dares Wins, Hannah Stodel (Paralympic sailor) and much more designed to promote wellbeing, provide useful advice and support for our employees.

I am very proud of what everyone in Crawford has achieved in the past few months and the part that I have played in that.