Frequently Asked Questions

"How much does it cost to nominate/enter?"

There is no cost - it is free to nominate and free to enter.

"How do you define "general insurance"?"

General insurance is non-life insurance cover for damage or loss. It includes products such as motor, travel, pet, health and home insurance. It also comprises commercial insurance which includes property and liability coverage across a wide range of markets.

"When will the shortlist be announced?"

The shortlist will be announced mid-August.

"I'm not going to be able to submit my nomination/entry by the deadline. Can I have an extension?"

Unfortunately, we are not offering deadline extensions. 

"Is it possible to find out who nominated me and why?"

To find out whether your nominator gave consent for us to pass their name on, please contact us.

We do not ask for consent to share the nominator's supporting statement, so we cannot provide you with the reasons behind the nomination.

 "I received an email notifying me of a nomination instead of the person I nominated."

You may have typed your email address instead of your nominee's email address. Please forward the email on to your nominee.

"I haven't received a _____ email."

We'd be grateful if your IT team are able to add our from address to your company's safe senders list to ensure that you and your colleagues receive any future emails.

"When will table bookings open? What are the costs?"

Table bookings are now open - please click here to book online or contact Rushna Khan at

"Can I get feedback on my entry?"

With hundreds of entries reviewed by a panel of judges in a multi-stage process, capturing individual feedback is, unfortunately, an impossible task.

"Who can see my entry?"

Your entry is strictly confidential and will only be seen by the judges.

"Who can I discuss sponsorship opportunities with?"

Please contact for sponsorship enquiries.


For sponsorship queries, contact:
Will Bolton
Business Development Manager
+44 (0)20 7484 9796
For logistical queries, contact:
Mollie Lindsay-Bush
Event Manager
+44 (0)20 74849709
For Table Booking Queries:
Rushna Khan
Delegate & Event Marketing Solutions Sales Executive
+44 (0)20 7484 9843
For partnership queries, contact:
Jasmine Parmar
Marketing Executive